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Carpet Steam Cleaning
Unlike traditional methods, carpet steam cleaning uses hot water to clean your home’s carpet. The high heat breaks down the bonds between dirt and stains, making them much easier to remove. The steam and vapor also penetrates deep into your carpet, killing bacteria, mold, and fungi that can otherwise thrive in it. Those bacteria, odors, and fungi are difficult to remove using traditional methods. However, the heat from carpet steam cleaning destroys these microorganisms.

Before you start steam cleaning, make sure to clear the floor of any clutter. If possible, remove all of your furniture from the room. Use plastic film, wax paper, or wood blocks to shield your furniture from the moisture. However, it is not always possible to completely remove your furniture during a carpet steam cleaning. If you do move your furniture, be sure to vacuum it carefully from wall to wall. The fibers in a carpet twist slightly, so move your furniture in different directions as you steam clean it.

After steam cleaning, leave the carpet to dry naturally for a few hours. If possible, set up a sign near the entrance of your home to warn visitors and family that it has been cleaned. If you must walk on the carpet after steam cleaning, it will be better to use clean socks and plastic bags. It can take up to eight to ten hours for the carpet to completely dry. While steam cleaning doesn’t make the carpet saturated, it will still be vulnerable to damage from outdoor shoes and other items.

Unlike dry cleaning, steam cleaning is an excellent option if you have a greasy pet or a stain that is difficult to remove by traditional methods. Hot water is more effective for deep cleaning than steam cleaning alone. The steam is hot enough to loosen dirt and stains that are deeply embedded in the carpet. The high-pressure water also removes toxins from your carpet, making it look like new. Lastly, carpet steam cleaning makes your carpet last longer.

Among the many benefits of steam cleaning, hot water extraction is the most effective method for stubborn stains. The hot water agitates the fibers of your carpet and dislodges dirt and fungi. The extraction process also gets rid of odours and residues. The EPA has linked the presence of dust in carpets to various health problems. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends carpet steam cleaning to improve indoor air quality.

Unlike conventional methods of carpet cleaning, steam cleaners are non-toxic, pet and child-safe. In fact, the steam itself sanitizes your flooring. It is also free from dyes and odors, so you can enjoy a cleaner, fresher home without worrying about the chemicals. However, many people are worried about the chemicals used in steam cleaning and their possible effects on health. For this reason, Ben’s Cleaner Sales sells environmentally-friendly and non-residue products.

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