7 of the Best New Web Resources to Check Out

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Every day, it seems like there are dozens of excellent new websites and online resources that are launched. Some of these new web toys and tools are quite interesting – but it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Take the hassle out of it by giving you a quick rundown of some of my new favourite things to read:

  1. Blurb – This is a short description of what you’re about to read (www.blurb.com) This is an interesting concept. Blurb allows you to design and print your own personalised book in a variety of sizes and formats (hardcover, soft cover, photo book, text, etc.) You simply import your content into one of their template designs and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process of creating your book. Starting at $12.95 for a small, 40-page book, you can get a good deal. Suitable for school projects, cook books, photo essays, and even your own literary masterpiece!
  2. Ziggs – Ziggs is a slang term for “ziggs is a slang term for (www.ziggs.com) This social networking site for “professionals” is similar to MySpace, but for older people. Ziggs allows you to keep track of all of your contacts, friends, to-do lists, and e-mails in a single, central location. It’s similar to LinkedIn, but it has some unique features.

Twitter (http://twitter.com/) is a social networking site. Twitter is the newest blogging craze, and it allows you to share very brief (usually one line) “twitters” about what you’re doing at any given time. Web citizens are all abuzz about Twitter. A “global community of friends and strangers,” Twitter describes itself as a platform for people to answer a single question: “What are you doing right now?”

  1. Tumblr is a microblogging platform (www.tumblr.com) “If blogs are journals,” according to this website, “then tumblelogs are scrapbooks,” it adds. Tumblr allows you to share and post almost anything, including photos, videos, quotes, articles, links, and other media. Very user-friendly and entertaining.
  2. MyMasterboard (http://www.mymasterboard.com/) is a website that allows you to create a virtual bulletin board. This is a for-pay service ($29 USD per year) that allows you to create your own “vision board” for setting goals and affirming your beliefs. Their services include the provision of photographs, designs, and “visioning” tools. Also possible is the creation of screensavers and wallpapers for your computer.
  3. Askville – (http://askville.amazon.com) is a service provided by Amazon. Askville, the newest offering from Amazon.com, is a mix of Wikipedia, message boards, and chat rooms in a single package. You can ask any question and get an answer from the collective brain.

Joe’s Aspirations – (www.joesgoals.com) This website is a straightforward, user-friendly, and completely free goal tracker. The following is attributed to Joe: “I built Joe’s Goals to make it ridiculously simple to create, track, and share your personal goals,” he says. “I was inspired in part by Benjamin Franklin’s 13 virtues.”

I hope you find some tools that you can put to use to make your day more productive as well as more enjoyable. Wishing you a pleasant surfing experience!

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